QuickBooks Hosting Services - In the clouds

We provided QuickBooks services and add-on programs for 10 years. Now let us host your QuickBooks.


 Accessable from anywhere on the Internet

  • From Windows, Macs, mobile devices


We manage the server

  • No additional hardware for you to buy. Save Money
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Backups
  • Restore services


We manage updates for Windows and QuickBooks

  • You do not have do concern yourself about how to / when to apply updates


AaaTeX Products available

  • Many other hosting services do not allow 3rd party products on their servers, we do.
  • We certainly allow and encourage our products to be used
  • We guarantee our products will work on our systems



  • Flexible plans for 1 to any number of users
  • No Server/Cloud install fees for AaaTeX Products
  • Discounts on some AaaTeX Products
  • Can make the QuickBooks Desktop on a cloud/hosted environment for remote access


Microsoft Office Available

  • If you need it.
  • Open Office is also available


We can manage the work - Managed Importation / Integration Services

  • We do the work here
  • We send you transaction log
  • No training, etc.


For pricing click here.