QuickBooks© add-on Products

We build custom products for you for less cost than you think.

We have written hundreds of custom programs for our customers. Here are some that we market. If you need something that is not here please ask.

For QuickBooks

Our QuickBooks Products:
None of our products require Admin/Single user mode.

Industry product specific

IntouchPOS2Books© (discontinued)

For your IntouchPOS daily receipts and payroll hours


For your Xerox Connect / PagePack / XPPS billing. Do in 15 minutes what can take 2 weeks no.

Importing as the basic function

IIFImporter©2 and IIFImporterQBO (for QuickBooks Online)

For your IIF files

Meter Billing Mgr©

Create Invoices from meter readings

eIntegrator© and eIntegratorQBO (for QuickBooks Online)

and POSeIntegrator (for QuickBooks Point of Sale)

A must to get your web orders into QuickBoks

AQImporter© - AutoQuotes Importer© (sun-setted)

Import AutoQuote Quotes into QuickBooks

Check Import©  ***FREE Edition available***

Excel import of checks into QuickBooks

QBItems2PriceLevel© NEW

Export QuickBooks items to Excel / Import Excel to update QuickBooks Price Level

TransImporter4© and TransImporterQBO (for QuickBooks Online)

Excel Files into QuickBooks

Converting as a basic function

Invoices to Purchase Orders -(Invoices2POs©)

Automatically convert Invoices to Purchase Orders - perfect for drop shipping

Output as the basic function

Custom Statements / Invoices -

for those special printing requirements from QuickBooks


QuickBooks Transactions (Invoices, Sales Receitps, etc). Emailed or Faxed

Invoice2Hanover (warehouse) - EDI Interface©

QuickBooks invoices sent to Hanover Warehouse - EDI

Utility as the basic function

AaaTeX Calculatelt© (sold by special request)
Modify a QB transaction, do calculations. table lookups for pricing, taxes

Sort a single QB Transaciton by item, desc, etc.

For QuickBooks Point of Sale

POSeIntegrator - similar to our eIntegrator but for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Integrate databases, web sites, eCommerce, web services


Tools using a Style Sheet grid - a must if you have QBPOS ver 10

We customize it just for you - JUST ASK.

Our products are currently licensed by QuickBooks company name (unless otherwise stated). Therefore 1 license can be used for all users for a given QuickBooks Company.


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