AAATEX's eIntegrator © for ProStores (AN EBAY COMPANY)

To for use with QuickBooks desktop and Online Edition.


Our eIntegrator Gold Edition supports ProStores now but ProStores/ebay has stated that they will will shutting down ProStores effective Feb. 1, 2015. See http://www.prostores.com/



  • Download ProStores invoices as QuickBooks Invoices, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders or Estimates
  • No IIFs files. Uses only Intuit supported tools for QuickBooks functions.
  • Dynamically creates Customers (if needed)
  • Uses supported Intuit tools which does not require a disclaimer since it is supported function.
  • Dynamically creates items in QuickBooks if needed
  • Does not need admin/single user mode
  • All the other functions of our Gold Edition of 'the Integrator'
  • Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items
  • Real Time Simulation (i.e. download every xx mins)
  • Web Single Customer Support to not use up customers.
  • Much more


Does NOT require another database.

For QuickBooks Desktop $549

For QuickBooks Online $699


  • QuickBooks 2003 Pro or better
  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks.
  • Microsoft Excel 2000 or later (for Excel Functions)
  • ProStores license



Download and Install Instructions


Please note that this demo is based on the QuickBooks Desktop Sample Company and our osCommerce cart. To use other configurations a setup would have to be performed i.e. QuickBooks Online Edition or a different cart. Please contact us for setup assistance.


Major Credit cards and e-Checks via PayPal. We also accept AmEx M/C, Visa, and Discover directly.

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Just $549 for the Gold Edition of the Integrator QuickBooks Desktop versions.