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To use with QuickBooks  US, Canada, UK, AU and NZ editions and Online Edition.


New Store / Remote Database support Questions.
If this is for QBPOS please click here.

Questions for New or Custom Cart/Database Support

  • What platform is it on? Linux, Windows?
  • What Database is it using? MySQL, MS SQL Server?
  • What language is it written in? PHP, ASP, ASP.NET?
  • Can you download orders from it into a file?
  • If so can you send us the file(s)?
  • Hopefully they have column headings?
  • Does it or your hosting provide support remote access (i.e.ODBC) or other methods?
  • If SQL based we will need the SQL statements necessary for getting complete orders. Estimates, or Sales Orders with Payment transactions or Invoiced Payment items
  • We also need to know what you are actually doing on your sites.
  • Overall Structure of how you run your business with your web sites.
  • How many web stores do you have?

Questions on your QuickBooks

  • What versions (2010, Pro, Enterprise)
  • What Country versions (ie. US, CA, UK)?
  • What Transactions (ie Invoices, POs)
  • Are Orders already paid via Store?
  • Do you need to bring in Credit Card #s?
  • Do you need to dynamically add customers?
  • Do you need to dynamically add items?
  • Do you use sub-items?
  • How are options (i.e color size) handled?
  • Do you use Custom Fields, if so what for?
  • Overall Structure of how you run your business with QB.
  • How many QB companies are you using?
  • Is your QB Hosted in the clouds?

Other Questions

  • Does the lists (i.e. Items, ShipMethods, etc) EXACLTY the same in both systems?
  • Do you need to UPLOAD data to the web database?
  • Which Windows operating system are you using?


What we need for Database Interface (not file upload)

  • Access to Database to view structure, export, SQL tools (i.e. MySQL Query Browser, phpMyAdmin)
  • FTP access if a script will be used (not for Remote Access)
  • Connection String for Remote Access (i.e. ODBC) i.e. external ip#/URL, database name, user, password
  • SQL SELECT Statement for retrieve complete order info for all orders ready for importation
  • Store's Admin access to see what the orders are suppose to look like

Does NOT change the cart. Uses remote access via ODBC or a small PHP or ASP script. In worse case we can import from a downloaded file (i.e. XLS,CSV,Tab delimited Text, XML).

Almost any cart can be supported via a manual download interface- just send us the files you download. This is usally done only if there are no other seamless options (i.e. ODBC, API, etc.).

Have a custom made cart - we can customize our Integrator to work with it.



  • QuickBooks USA version 2003 Pro or better or QuickBooks Online Edition (US Version)
  • QuickBooks QBPOS for the POSeIntegrator
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 or later including Windows 7/8/2008/2012 32 and 64 bit.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks/QBPOS
  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or later (for other Excel Functions)