AAATEX's TransImporter4© for QuickBooks Windows Desktop
and TransImporterQBO© for QuickBooks Online (QBO)
the followup products to the previous TransImporter© products

What's new in the new TransImporters©

  • Sub-account Lookup
  • Assign Account types when the Account must be added
  • Assign Master Account
  • Lookup Replace for Expense Accounts
  • Profile by Company Name (Diamond Edition)


Cloud Ready


Excel files imported into QuickBooks
Desktop (i.e. Pro, Premier, Enterprise) or Online Edition

Replacing our previous TransImporter© products.



Just $199us for the Standard Edition

See the editions, pricing/purchase information


Features (our Edition have different features depending on your needs):

  • No need for admin or single user mode.
  • Uses Excel file formats xls, csv, tab delimited text or any Excel supported file.
  • Sartup samples of common transactions
  • No IIF files or conversions to IIF files
  • With Excel Files you can use formulas, table lookups, etc.
  • Generates Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates (coming soon for QBO) or Sales Orders1and more
  • Can create Bills, Vendor Credits, BillPayments1, Purchase Orders2, Journal Entries, Time Tracking, Checks, etc. etc.
  • Can create Customers, Items, Vendors, Classes, etc.
  • Location/Department for QuickBooks Online coming soon.
  • Does NOT work with QuickBooks Online Edition
  • No Web Connector
  • Can check Quantity on Hand and reject order or line item.2
  • Can use customer's account number as a lookup instead of using name.
  • Fast and Easy
  • Can select Template1
  • Can select Class
  • Can have a default customer if name or account number1 not defined in QuickBooks.
  • FTP Download of file (manual or automatic)
  • Auto Deposit of Customer Payments1
  • Folder Monitoring
  • Flexible definitions of columns
  • Group and Assembly Expand to components1
  • Sample files for common import functions
What's been said about it

The owner of Electronics Showcase.com, user of our TransImporter Pro Edition for QuickBooks Online Edition says:

Just imported 4 days worth of invoices in under 5 minutes! Would have been 2 hours or more manually.


Thanks Jack.


  • QuickBooks USA 2004 Pro or better (2008 for AU, Canadian, NZ, or UK)
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012, 2016
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (Excel) or later for XLS types of files.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks® for QuickBooks Windows Desktop Desktop
  • For QuickBooks Online Internet Explorer 11
  • Recommended Windows screen images as smaller.
  • QuickBooks License


1Not available in QuickBooks Online Edition

2Not currently available in the TransImporterQBO but may be added upon request