AAATEX's TransImporter4© for QuickBooks Windows Desktop
and TransImporterQBO© for QuickBooks Online (QBO)
the followup products to the previous TransImporter© products

What's new in the new TransImporters©

  • Sub-account Lookup
  • Assign Account types when the Account must be added
  • Assign Master Account
  • Lookup Replace for Expense Accounts
  • Profile by Company Name (Diamond Edition)


Cloud Ready


Excel files imported into QuickBooks
Desktop (i.e. Pro, Premier, Enterprise) or Online Edition

Replacing our previous TransImporter© products.



Just $199us for the Standard Edition

See the editions, pricing/purchase information


Features (our Edition have different features depending on your needs):

  • No need for admin or single user mode.
  • Uses Excel file formats xls, csv, tab delimited text or any Excel supported file.
  • Sartup samples of common transactions
  • No IIF files or conversions to IIF files
  • With Excel Files you can use formulas, table lookups, etc.
  • Generates Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates (coming soon for QBO) or Sales Orders1and more
  • Can create Bills, Vendor Credits, BillPayments1, Purchase Orders2, Journal Entries, Time Tracking, Checks, etc. etc.
  • Can create Customers, Items, Vendors, Classes, etc.
  • Location/Department for QuickBooks Online coming soon.
  • Does NOT work with QuickBooks Online Edition
  • No Web Connector
  • Can check Quantity on Hand and reject order or line item.2
  • Can use customer's account number as a lookup instead of using name.
  • Fast and Easy
  • Can select Template1
  • Can select Class
  • Can have a default customer if name or account number1 not defined in QuickBooks.
  • FTP Download of file (manual or automatic)
  • Auto Deposit of Customer Payments1
  • Folder Monitoring
  • Flexible definitions of columns
  • Group and Assembly Expand to components1
  • Sample files for common import functions

We can customize it for you to solve your Business Requirements.

See some screen images.

Just $199us for the Standard Edition

See the editions, pricing/purchase information


Download trial or production version for QuickBooks Windows Desktop 

Download trial or production version for QuickBooks Online

(trial limited to 30 transactions)

What's been said about it

The owner of Electronics Showcase.com, user of our TransImporter Pro Edition for QuickBooks Online Edition says:

Just imported 4 days worth of invoices in under 5 minutes! Would have been 2 hours or more manually.


Thanks Jack.


  • QuickBooks USA 2004 Pro or better (2008 for AU, Canadian, NZ, or UK)
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012, 2016
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (Excel) or later for XLS types of files.
  • Same machine requirements as QuickBooks® for QuickBooks Windows Desktop Desktop
  • For QuickBooks Online Internet Explorer 11
  • Recommended Windows screen images as smaller.
  • QuickBooks License


1Not available in QuickBooks Online Edition

2Not currently available in the TransImporterQBO but may be added upon request