Common to most products.


YouTub video of Basics_101





Trouble Shooting files - 901 watch below.


eIntegrator - Integrating with your Web Store/eCommerce system or other interface.

Watch a 3 minute silent video this is an old video of an old version using our osCommerce database but it is still applicable.

This shows Chargify and QuickBooks Online but is similar with other Interfaces and QuickBooks Desktop


YouTube Video on how to setup the Integrator to work with QuickBooks





YouTube video on setting up your store in the Integrator



YouTube video on the Integrator's supporting files.

IIFImporter2 - IIF File importing






IIFImporter For QuickBooks Online Click below to see a YouTube video


Program Install and Authorization



Program Operation



Meter BIlling Mgr - For utility billing (i.e. Electric, Gas, Water/Sewer)



(Meter Billing for Copiers/Printers

i.e. Xerox Connect, XPPS, PagePack)




Click below to see a YouTube video of the import process.



File/TransImporter - to import Excel types of files (i.e. XLS, CSV, Tab delimited text) into QuickBooks